Stainless steel anal plug with tail
Stainless steel clothpins

Dilator shaped - Cross

The shaped dilator is designed for more experienced users in the field of clinic play

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The dilator is designed to irritate the urethra. This dilator does not have the same diameter over its entire surface. The very beginning is an irregular sphere with a diameter of 8 mm, followed by a smooth part about 3,5 cm long, which passes into a part where the diameter widens and narrows continuously and this part is about 7,5 cm long. At the end, the dilator is fitted with a rod perpendicular to its body, which allows easier and more secure handling and prevents further penetration of the dilator into the urethra. Visually, the entire dilator has the appearance of a cross. Due to its shape, this dilator is intended for more experienced users. If you are not one of them, it is probably better for you to start with a smooth dilator.

Straining, sounding, urethral play are different names for the same activity - irritating the urethra.

Length: total: 15 cm, retractable part: 12 cm

Weight: 45 g

Diameter: 8 mm (widest part)

Material: stainless steel


Data sheet

12 cm (insertable part), 15 cm (total length)
42 gr
8 mm (the widest part)
Stainless steel