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Tento specifický lubrikant, spolu s Criscem, jsou nejpopulárnější lubrikanty pro anální hrátky, zvláště pro fisting.

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It is hypoalergenic lube for veterianry purposes and contaigns no preservatives.

The powder is dissolved in lukewarm water, creating viscose colorless, odorless liquid with perfect lubricating properties. 284 g is enought to make 20-25l of lube, depending on prefered viscosity. It’s water based, hence easy to wash down with water, leaves no stains or residues, is easy to wash from fabrics, does not damage latex and is usable with electric toys safely.

Mix in 1 l of lukewarm water with 11 to 14 grams of J-LUBE powder and mix till the powder dissolves. Mix in more powder, depending on your preference. The lube can be stored in fridge in a closed contaigner up to 14 days. By heating the lube to 100 degrees celsius in a microwave, the cold lube is ready to be used again. Do not store in a freezer and be cautious of burning yourself while reheating.

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