Geformte Dilatator - ball

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Dilatátor tvarovaný

Geformte Dilatator - Kugel

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Dilatator is a tool made for inserion into the urethra. Sold in two sizes, small and large. The surface consists of 10 or 12 balls, gradualy increasing in size. This makes this a toy for experienced kinksters. If you want to dip your toe into the sounding pool, we recomend the smooth dilatator first.

Sounding is the activity of insertion of objects into the urethra, also known as urethral play. I myself cannot partake in such activities, the piercings going through my urethra make it impossible, but many people from my surrondings  enjoy such activities very much.

MaterialNerezová ocel
Länge18 cm
Gewicht44 g nebo 100 g
Průměr8 mm nebo 12 mm


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