Graves speculum

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Graves speculum

Metall Vaginalspekulum Typ "Graves"

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450,00 Kč

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Used for verical insertion, opening and fixation using two aretation screws, the lower screw allows for position the two speculum parts in regards to one another and the other screw opens the speculum. 

If you want to play amateur gynecology at home, but are unsure of what to get, buy the cheaper plastic version availible on Bugshop. But if you want to pursue the passion of bedroom gynecology to it's fullest, no other speculum will bring you as much pleasure and joy. Apart from the Graves speculum, we also sell the Collins speculum, the difference beeing that Graves opens verticaly and Collins horizontaly. Or be like me and get both.

Availible in three diffrent sizes.

MaterialNerezová ocel
Länge8 cm (S), 10 cm (M), 12 cm (L) (čelisti)
Breite2,3 cm (S), 3,4 cm (M), 3,5 cm (L) (čelisti)
Gewicht112 g (S), 136 g (M), 171 g (L)


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