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Female catheter Foley

Sterile packed female catheter (catheter) type Foley (with balloon) of 5ml.

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Catheter diameter

Catheterisation is a urological procedure in which a catheter is inserted into the bladder through the urethra. Urethral irritation and catheterization is a very common practice among clinic sex enthusiasts, but of course it also finds its fans outside this area.

The Foley female catheter is sterilely packaged, with a rounded tip for easy insertion, and features a 5ml balloon to hold the catheter in place after insertion. This product is intended for single use and remains sterile only provided the packaging has not been damaged, soaked or opened. The catheter is made of latex and is fully coated with silicone, so we recommend using it with water-based lubricants only. Using any other type of lubricant may damage the catheter.

The product is intended for short to medium term catheterization (5 - 7 days).

Please observe maximum hygiene during use, the use of sterile gloves is recommended. By exercising total caution you will avoid possible health complications such as urinary tract inflammation. Be very careful during insertion, as well as during removal! There is a risk of damage to the urethra.

The use of the catheter is intended for advanced users and injuries caused by improper handling are at your own risk.

Diameter: 4 mm - 10 mm

Material: latex, silicone

Length: 25 cm


Data sheet

40 cm
4 mm - 8 mm
According to producer
Latex, silikon