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Damenkatheter Foley

Damenkatheter Foley

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Průměr katetru (cévky)

Catheterization is a medical urological procedure, during which the cathether is inserted into bladder through the urethra. Urethra play and catheterization is a very popular practice among clinic fetish enthusiasts, but not limited to only them.

Female catether Foley is packed in sterile packing, with rounded tip for easier insertion and has a 5ml air baloon that holds the cathether in place. This product is intended for a single use only and is sterile only in cases, if the packaging was not damaged in any way. The catheter is made from silicone coated latex, hence we recomend using only water-based lube. Other types of lubes may damage the catheter.

Suitable for short to medium duration of catheterization (5-7 days)

Pay close atention to maximum hygiene, we recomend using Sterile gloves. Keeping everything safe and sanitary prevents complications like urinary tract infections. Be very careful during both insertion and removal of the catheter not to damage the urethrea.

Using the catheter is recomended only to experienced people, all damages caused are at your own risk.


Technische Daten

25 cm
4 - 10 mm dle atributu
Dle výrobce
Latex, silikon