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T-bar is a stainless steel handle for a full or hollow balls with a compatible thread.

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T-bar is stainless steel handle of universal "dildo", which provides high variability thanks to several ball sizes we offer. This product is compatible with solid and hollow steel balls from my offer.

Compatible products:

Stainless steel ball for hook and T-bar (hollow)

Stainless steel ball for hook and T-bar (solid)

T-bar Pyramid

Bondage Anal Hook

T-bar Drop

Bugshop® spare system

We all know it - cabinet full of toys and the one you need right now is not there when you look for it. This is why I came with Bugshop® system, which combines several products and will allow you to minimize costs a storage for your tools. Product is coposed of handle, that can by straight, "T" shaped or hook shaped. 30mm to 60mm sized ball will be attached to this handle to create final tool. This product wil finally allow you to create 18 products! Easy to maintain, easy to store and perfect for use. In case you would like to have some extreme variation (for example bigger ball of different shape of handle), we can produce it, but please expect longer supply time and higher price.

For Bugshop® system I currently work on more designs, so in future you will be able to extend your toolbox.

Length: 11 cm

Weight: 150 gr

Material: stainless steel


Data sheet

11 cm
150 gr
Stainless Steel

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