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Joy stick

The joystick is a dildo that consists of a stainless steel ball and a straight handle.

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The handle of the Joy Stick is fitted with a plastic sleeve for easier handling. This toy can be used vaginally or anally. The Joy Stick can be disassembled into two parts, which makes it easier to clean, but the thread is not compatible with other products in our range.

And why is this toy called a Joystick? Have you played Turrican on a Commodore 64? Buy a Joystick and reminisce about the old days. An alternative is to use the Joystick as a landing pad for throwing rings. Decorate your subink/subink and entertain your friends.

Diameter: ball - 4 cm, handle - 8 mm

Length: 35 cm

Weight: 332 g

Material: stainless steel


Data sheet

35 cm
332 gr
Ball: 4 cm
Weight of 40 mm ball
228 gr
Handle diameter
8 mm
Stainless Steel